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The care sector naturally attracts compassionate people, so why do care workers keep leaving the industry? Up to 50% of care workers quit within 3 months on the job, leading to high recruitment costs and a shortage of care workers. The leading cause is burnout, which we believe can be targeted early with the right tools and techniques. 

Care is a people business, and your care workers are your most valuable asset. At Tresacare, we are a social enterprise that empowers your care workers to stay happy and resilient on the job in the long-term. We help them be the best they can be so that they, in turn, can deliver the highest quality of care to your clients.


The result is a win-win-win:

Happy care workers.

Happy clients.

Happy managers.  

How we do it

At Tresacare, we don't just train. We transform. How?

To improve the retention and resilience of your care workers, we focus on soft skills but also on wellbeing management for long-term impact:​

Developed with & for Care Experts
We go straight to the source. By working closely with care workers and providers, we listen to challenges on all sides and create targeted solutions that actually work. Plus: We evolve along with your sector.

Unique Approach to Training
Your care workers need care, too. That's why our training covers soft skills and hits the top 3 requirements for care workers to stay happy on the job: Reward and recognition, emotional support, opportunities for fun.

Work Culture That Works 
 In care, everyone in your team matters. To even out disparities in levels of support and culture, we draw on HR best practices to help care providers foster a supportive work culture and an effective leadership style.

Excellent Delivery Partners
Stronger together! Whether you need training in palliative care, grief management or communication skills, we partner up with leading experts in their fields to deliver high-quality, bespoke training for your team.

What experts say

Tresacare training programmes are developed together with and for care workers, so we understand the essence of the care sector and the daily challenges your care workers face. But don't just take our word for it. Here's what care industry experts say:

Isabella, Care Worker

“I struggle with anxiety. I feel we are so overlooked and neglected. We work with vulnerable people and employers don’t recognise it can be difficult for us as well.”

Neil Eastwood, Founder & CEO of Care Friends

Tresacare is deeply committed to improving care worker wellbeing and staff retention. It's well-timed to meet our industry’s needs.

Our Services

How can Tresacare help you and your care workers today?

Choose from any of our services below or contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to offer bespoke services:

Can't find what you're looking for? 

Get in touch with us and tell us what you need. 


Our Impact

As a social enterprise, we believe in transparency and results. In 2023 we ran a three-month training programme for care workers from eight UK care providers. After the programme ended, we asked everyone what they thought. Find out how we did in our Tresacare Wellbeing Pilot Impact Report 2023.

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