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Tresacare Pilot Wellbeing Programme Impact Report 2023

In 2023 we ran a survey with 23 participating care workers from 8 care organisations to better understand the Tresacare impact and identify areas for improvement. The 3-month training programme highlighted in this report was run in partnership with Care Providers' Voice (CPV) and received funding from Health Education England (HEE). In line with our Tresacare approach, our goal was to equip care workers with the long-term skills necessary to avoid burnout, and to help care providers improve retention in the care sector.

Here are our top 5 highlights from the report:


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Wellbeing, overwhelmingly, matters

Soft-skill training matters, but it's not enough to help care workers thrive on the job. Along with the traditional curriculum of communication skills, bereavement support, etc., Tresacare offered 30 online support and wellbeing gym sessions to care workers over 3 months. These sessions introduced wellbeing management techniques that care workers could incorporate into their daily lives and have received by far the most overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants. Without exception, 100% of care workers who attended Tresacare training reported improved wellbeing and emotional resilience

“It was an eye-opener for me that I was not looking after myself, I was never gentle to myself. As much as there are other people: family, work, children... I should also have time to love myself.”
– Care Worker


Resilience can be trained

Care work can be physically, mentally, and emotionally strenuous for care workers, leading to high sick leave and even higher turnover rates. Burnout is a leading cause of care workers leaving the sector. As part of Tresacare training, we worked with care workers to help them build emotional resilience and ​gave them tools and techniques to manage stress and wellbeing in the long-term. After 3 months, we saw major improvements in resilience: 

"Before, we struggled with high sick leave due to mental health issues... After training, she appreciates the importance of her role in providing care to vulnerable individuals. She still takes time off for her mental health, but informs the office in advance, leading to fewer disruptions. She shows a better understanding of her clients' needs, even advocating for them if necessary."

– Care Provider 1

"They have become more confident and open. One of the staff who attended the programme mentioned that she doesn't panic if the situation gets critical. She now takes it in a positive way."

– Care Provider 2



Maria C. and Liz at Tresacare graduation

Clients benefit, too

The 3-month training programme not only benefited care workers, it had a positive spillover effect on clients. The vast majority of care providers report that after attending Tresacare training, care workers displayed significant improvements in quality of care provided. Specifically, they noted that 97% of care workers showed heightened levels of empathy and compassion toward clients

"[The care workers are] more organised and communicate any changes with managers and clients. They even go beyond to visit people out of hours."

– Care Provider


“The [communication skills] class was very useful, for the very first time I was able to understand my client [who has speech difficulties]."

– Care Worker


The earlier, the better

In our conversations with care providers, we find that turnover can be as high as 50% within the first 3 months on the job. Indeed, a care worker at our training shared that she had a client pass away in front of her eyes within her first month on the job, an event that triggered unresolved grief and trauma. This is why our training steps in at a critical time for new care workers. We tailor our programme to energise fresh recruits who need emotional support and self-care tools for long-term resilience. After training, care providers ​noted that 96% of care workers showed significantly higher levels of engagement and motivation. They report that care workers are in a better mood, and that they are better equipped to handle clients who present with challenging behaviours.

"Tresacare caught me 'early', only 6 months into my caregiving journey. It gave me emotional resilience and I'm very grateful." 
– Care Worker

"After attending Tresacare training, there are massive improvements in behaviour. They are calmer and are able to manage challenging situations in a more positive way, whether in their personal or professional lives." 
– Care Provider




Is Tresacare training unique? Participants say yes 

Most training programmes in the care sector focus on much-needed vocational or soft skill sets. Not many offer long-term tools and techniques for care workers to stay happy and resilient on the job. The Tresacare approach emphasises long-term wellbeing management, which was reflected throughout the 3-month programme featured in this report. At the end of the programme, only 11% of care workers were certain they could easily find an alternative to Tresacare, highlighting the unique service offered. 95% of care workers said they would recommend our training

"Tresacare helped me take a step back and identify potential coping mechanisms when I'm feeling mentally unwell. While it does benefit knowledge of our work, Tresacare has had a bigger impact on my personal situation and mental health issues.”
– Care Worker

"[Improvements include] maintaining water bottles to keep hydrated, following exercise routines, discussing concerns with the team and management instead of taking stress.”
– Care Provider

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