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About Us 

"At Tresacare, we believe care workers are amazing people who do fundamentally important work. That's why we founded Tresacare - a social enterprise dedicated to supporting care workers, and improving retention rates in the care sector. This unwavering commitment to care workers drives us, ensuring they remain at the very heart of all our endeavours.


Having been both a care giver, and someone receiving care, I know firsthand the impact that kindness, compassion, empathy and excellence can make.


Whether you are a care worker, an unpaid carer, an owner or manager, a patient or family member - we ask you to help us improve the working conditions, professional standards and support available for carers."


Liz - CEO & Founder

Our Vision

Is for a world where care workers are seen as a respected and valued career profession, and are celebrated for their contribution.

Our Mission

Is to empower care workers to thrive in their roles, helping them avoid burnout, and supporting care organisations to build a supportive work culture and environment where care workers feel valued & recognized for the work they do. Ultimately, our aim is to help improve retention rates of care workers in the care sector.

Our Values

Small Things
With Great Love

Tresacare is both named for and inspired by the incredible example of Mother Theresa, who embodied compassion and selflessness through her missionary work.

Do No Harm 

We are a social enterprise, and exist to do good in the world. Our business model is all about creating positive impact and improving the wellbeing of care workers, in the most ethical way possible.

People Before Profits

Core to our approach is  empowering people, and giving them the tools and resources to help others. We will always prioritise access and equity over the single-minded pursuit of profit.

Our Impact

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