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Our Big Win at the 2023 Care Show

Updated: May 9

In all honesty, had we not won the Care Innovation Challenge, Tresacare would not be where it is today. We couldn't be more grateful. Here's our side of the story:

With the Care Show back in full swing this year, it's the perfect time to reflect on our big win at the 2023 Care Innovation Challenge. Last year at the NEC in Birmingham, we were named the winners of this innovation award, and we're still buzzing from the experience. Competing alongside Team Careberry, Team Kit, Team Wellpal, and Team Night Safety, we were honoured to be among such talented and innovative teams.

Funded by the National Care Forum (NCF), the Care Show is the biggest industry event of the year, bringing professionals, innovators, and care workers together for networking and discovering fresh ideas. Perhaps one of the most exciting things about the show is the Care Innovation Challenge, which rewards and recognises the most innovative ideas that can help the care sector tackle the many challenges it is facing. In case you're thinking of applying, we encourage you to! Applications are still open until May 24th.

What winning did for us

Looking back, the Care Show was a pivotal moment for Tresacare. It helped transform our concept from an idea into something tangible. We had just completed a pilot project with Care Providers' Voice (CPV) and Health Education England (HEE), but winning the Care Innovation Challenge gave us a massive boost in credibility. It was recognition that we were truly onto something innovative that could make a real difference in the care sector.

Mentors encouraged us to think outside the box

One of the most important aspects of the Care Innovation Challenge was the mentorship and networking opportunities. The mentors pushed us to think outside the box, challenging us to innovate in ways we hadn't considered before. Before the challenge, Tresacare was primarily focused on wellbeing, but the challenge inspired us to evolve into a training and wellbeing academy.

We learned what care providers need

The feedback we received during the challenge was invaluable. We learned from care providers that they often don't have budgets for wellbeing programs, but they do have budgets for training. This insight was crucial and led us to pivot our approach to provide soft-skills training alongside our focus on care worker wellbeing. This pivot was instrumental in shaping the future of Tresacare.

We put Tresacare out there for the first time

It was our first time at the Care Show so we put in extra heart and effort into our Tresacare booth. I was there with Marketing Advisor/Non-Exec Director Sean Davey with thoughtfully designed posters sharing our mission: To elevate care quality by equipping care workers with the tools and skills they need to stay happy and resilient on the job. In case you weren't at the Care Show last year, here is what our poster looked like:

Tresacare poster for the Care Show 2023
Tresacare poster for the Care Show 2023

We share our success with co-designers: Care workers & care providers!

We met and spoke with so many people, including the very talented finalists. When the judges announced Tresacare as the winner of the Care Innovation Challenge, we were over the moon. As a social enterprise, our focus has always been on improving the lives of care workers and the quality of care they provide. Co-designed with care workers and care providers, our solution combines a unique blend of training and wellbeing to tackle the challenges of care worker retention. The win didn't feel like a Tresacare win, but a win for all the co-designers we worked with to create our solution.

"Winning wasn't the main thing for me. The real prize was connecting with care providers and hearing how much they wanted to work with us. It's all business development, and this is just the beginning."

Special thanks to our mentors and supporters

We’re incredibly grateful for the mentorship and support we've received throughout this journey. Special thanks to Neil Eastwood, whose support went beyond business concerns during a challenging time. His compassion fuels our commitment to care workers' wellbeing and reminds us of the importance of community.

Thank you to everyone who supported Tresacare and the Care Innovation Challenge. As we prepare for this year's Care Show, we look forward to connecting with even more people who share our passion for making a positive impact in the care sector.

What's next for Tresacare?

Since last year, we've made significant strides. We pivoted from a wellbeing program to a training academy focused on supporting care workers in avoiding burnout while enhancing their skill set. Our training combines soft skills with a wellbeing gym, focusing on building resilience and giving care workers the tools and techniques they need for their mental health.

Looking ahead, we're excited about scaling our reach to more care workers through an accessible, user-friendly mobile app. The idea is to give all care workers a chance to access valuable training and offer a platform for wellbeing management and peer-to-peer support – right at their fingertips.

Stay with us for the journey!

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