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Wellbeing Gym for Care Workers

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Our Wellbeing Gym is a safe space for care workers to check in with themselves and enjoy peer-to-peer support. From meditation to stress-management workshops, our wellbeing gyms bring heightened awareness to your mental health and offer techniques to build your long-term emotional resilience. Available soon: Join the waitlist to be the first to experience our online Wellbeing Gym!

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Why join our Wellbeing Gym?

Do you feel exhausted and emotionally drained from care work? Do you have to suppress challenging emotions in front of clients? You are not alone. In England nearly half a million care workers quit their jobs every year due to burnout. Care work is a rewarding profession, but it can come with high levels of stress and emotional labour. Without wellbeing support, many fall into isolation and struggle with their mental health. Our online Wellbeing Gym offers you a safe space where you can check in with your peers and with yourself. You will find a welcoming environment where you can be honest about how you're feeling, learn techniques to manage your stress, and get a well-deserved chance to enjoy a cuppa – or two! – of calm.

Who is the Wellbeing Gym for?

Our online Wellbeing Gym is suitable for anyone who provides care and is experiencing the familiar challenges of care work. We welcome: 

✓ New and experienced care workers 

✓ Local and international care workers

✓ Anyone feeling like their cup is running empty

✓ Anyone with an internet connection! 

What To Expect from the Wellbeing Gym


Safe Space

We ensure a safe and inclusive virtual environment for everyone so that you can find your space and feel comfortable. This is your time of reflection and calm, and there is always room for you.


Reflective Check-Ins

Every session, you will get the chance to check-in with yourself and ask yourself how you are feeling. This reflective "me" time helps you stay aware of your mental health and reminds you to be kind to yourself.


Art as Restorative Therapy

Unleash your inner creativity and watch your mood turn around. Creating art relaxes your mind and allows you to enter a restorative flow state that does wonders for stress relief. 


Self-Care Habits for Busy Schedules

You matter just as much as your clients do! Stress management is most effective in small but consistent doses. Learn quick and simple self-care habits to stay fit for work – and for life. 


Peer-to-Peer Support

You are not alone – and you shouldn't be! Talking to others and connecting with community can help ease feelings of isolation and build up your emotional resilience. 


Meditation & Breathing Sessions

Meditation and controlled breathing techniques can help you to slow down and cultivate mindfulness so you're able to face difficult situations with clarity and compassion.


Stretching & Movement 

Exercise in almost any form is an excellent way to relieve stress. Stretching out tense muscles gives you a delicious energy boost while increasing your fitness level. 


Peer Experience Sharing

Bring your burning questions and puzzling experiences to the Wellbeing Gym. Share them with the group, pool your experiences, and grow stronger together as peers. 

Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

our waitlist!

Available soon

Tresacare Wellbeing Gym

Join our online safe space where you can check in whenever you like. You'll find peer-to-peer support with other care workers, a moment to reset and relax, as well as wellbeing management techniques to help you take care of your mental health. 

Thank you – you're now on the list!

Looking for more services?

Tresacare offers training programmes designed to improve care worker retention and elevate overall quality of care. If you don't find what you're looking for, we are happy to listen to your needs and develop a bespoke solution for you and your care workers.

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