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Transforming The Care Sector, One Care Worker At A Time

Tresacare is a social enterprise that elevates care quality by equipping care workers with the tools and skills they need to stay happy and resilient on the job.


Care Skills course co-created with Lakefield College now LIVE

Amplify your impact as a Care Worker with enhanced communication skills. 

Join our specialized course and master the art of effective communication in your Caregiving journey.

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Happy CarersHappy Clients. Happy Managers.

Care is a people business, and your care workers are your most valuable asset. At Tresacare, we strive to empower your care workers to be the best they can be, delivering the highest quality of care to your clients. Simultaneously, we guide you in fostering an enriching environment that cultivates growth and promotes employee satisfaction.


How do we achieve this?

  • We provide person-centered training that isn't just about knowledge acquisition, but about initiating meaningful behavioural changes that positively impact your organisation.

  • We offer targeted training for your supervisors and managers, honing their people management skills to foster a more supportive and effective leadership style.

  • We provide consultancy services that scrutinise your organisational culture and HR processes, giving you valuable insights into your current employee support systems and making recommendations for enhancement.



Unlike traditional training providers, Tresacare truly understands the essence of the care sector and the challenges care workers face daily.

It's not just about delivering training: it's about instilling a transformative culture of care.

Our partners
in transforming Care for good

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