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At Tresacare, we don't just train. We transform. 

We help your care workers develop the skills they need to stay happy and resilient on the job.

Step into a training programme that does more than instruct – it inspires and transforms. Tresacare training is designed to develop care worker resilience and to boost retention within the care sector.


By working together with and for care workers, we understand the challenges you and your care workers face daily. Together, we're here to provide solutions that make a difference in your lives and the lives of those you care for.

Our method? We don't just train. We transform.



for only £27

Care Skills course co-created with Lakefield College

Join us for a course that will amplify your impact as a care worker. Brought to you by Tresacare and Lakefield, this specialised course helps you and your care workers master the art of effective communication in caregiving. 

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Why Tresacare?

Elevate care quality

Care providers tell us that, after attending Tresacare training, care workers show a significantly higher levels of compassion and empathy towards clients – including those who present with challenging behaviours. The result? Happier clients.

Happier care workers

During Tresacare training, care workers pick up long-term wellbeing management skills and habits to help manage stress and fatigue. The result is heightened resilience, improved communication skills, and less burnout: Happier care workers. 

Boost retention rates

As many as 50% of care workers quit their jobs within the first 3 months of work, leading to high recruitment costs. Tresacare steps in at a critical time when care workers are just starting out and energises them for the long-term. The result? Happier managers. 

Close the gap

In the UK there is a request for adult social care every 15 seconds and a worrying lack of care workers – a situation that experts call "the care crisis". Tresacare aims to improve the retention rate of care workers to help close the immense gap between demand and supply. 

Tresacare caught me early, 6 months into my caregiving journey. The training gave me emotional resilience and I'm very grateful.

Maria C., Care Worker

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Graduation Photo_edited.jpg

Our Impact

We believe in transparency and results. In 2023 we ran a three-month training programme for care workers from eight UK care providers. After the programme ended, we asked everyone what they thought. Find out how we did in our Tresacare Impact Report 2023.

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