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Communication Skills Course

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Co-created by Tresacare and Lakefield Hospitality Academy, the specialised Communication Skills Course is designed to amplify your impact as a care worker by enhancing your communication skills. 

Why take the Communication Skills Course?

In care, communication is key. Don't let barriers to communication stand in the way of a heartwarming relationship between you and your client. In this friendly Communication Skills course co-created by Tresacare and Lakefield Academy, you will learn how to build trust with kindness, understand and respond to feelings even when they are not spoken, and provide comfort and reassurance in every interaction you share with clients. Not only will you walk away from this course with practical communication strategies tailored to your unique care scenario, you will feel empowered to deliver your best quality of care yet. 

Who is the Communication Skills course for?

The Communication Skills course offers an excellent foundation and/or refresher for anyone who provides care and/or is responsible for a team of care workers:

✓ New and aspiring care workers 

✓ Experienced care workers

✓ Care coordinators and managers 

What You Will Learn in the Communication Skills course


Essential Care Principles

Foundational principles of caregiving with applications in real-world scenarios.


Emotional & Psychological Support

Critical health and safety protocols to protect you and your client.


Non-Verbal Communication Skills

The world of non-verbal cues, body language, and facial expressions.


Conflict-Resolution & Problem-Solving for Care Workers

Tension and conflict are inevitable in our line of work, so here's how to tackle them.


Effective Communication

Master the art of communication with patients – ensuring comfort and understanding at every step.


Written Communication

To the surprise of many people, writing well is really important in care work!


Empathy & Emotional Intelligence for Care Worker

This is the backbone of effective caregiving.


Stress-Management Techniques for Care Workers

Critical skills for your long-term wellbeing and job satisfaction. Don't ignore stress, swat it!


For only £27 

Communication Skills Course

Join us on this friendly and accesible Care Skills Course, meet other caregivers on a similar journey, and amplify your impact as a care worker today.

Looking for more services?

Tresacare offers training programmes designed to improve care worker retention and elevate overall quality of care. If you don't find what you're looking for, we are happy to listen to your needs and develop a bespoke solution for you and your care workers.

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